Peter Lenzo suffers incredible daily pain created by his all-too-often epileptic seizures.  Due to a biking accident in 1977, his brain was injured and although the doctors predicted full recovery, it was 9 years later when Peter began to experience the seizures.  At that time, they would occur months apart-- now he averages about 1 per week.  Subsequent to each seizure, Peter is weak and confused, finding it difficult to cope with daily life.


The first time I met Peter was in autumn of 2006-- one of his good days-- and we immediately became friends.  I’m holding one of Peter’s “helmet” face jugs, a self-portrait depicting the protective helmet that he is forced to wear to guard against hurting his head from falling during his common seizures.

We are standing inside Southern Pottery, Peter’s shop where he taught countless students, the art of making pottery. In the years to follow, Peter sold the shop, and has struggled with his health to hold onto the one thing that makes him the happiest-- continuing to keep his hands in the clay.

It is one of life’s grand cosmic injustices that someone with Peter’s kind heart and gentle ways must suffer with so much indescribable  pain.

Driven by a never-ending desire to express himself through his art...